August 4, 2014 admin

Jack’s Website

We are extremely excited to unveil our most ambitious website project to date. We started creating custom video content for Jack’s new digital billboard in January, and a few months later they asked if we’d be interested in revamping their website. We jumped at the opportunity, and had a lot of fun dreaming up a website that’s user-friendly and functional, but which most of all reflects the unique personality of the Jack’s brand.

visit jack’s new website

Below you can see our original, hand-drawn mockup of the site. (Rollover with your mouse to see a before and after.)

Needless to say, we had a blast designing and building this site. Jack’s is one of our favorite clients because they give us a lot of freedom to be as creative as we want to be and come up with unique approaches to promoting their business. We can’t get in to any details just yet, but there’s even more exciting stuff coming up!