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The rank and file, from first time beginner to award-winning professional likes to grab the camera and run, shooting whatever inspiration has seized the moment.

There are times when serendipity plays a role in our productions but more often than not we need to be a bit more prepared when we want to create a quality production. Otherwise, we tend to overlook or forget something crucial. Having a plan more often than not works better than guerrilla-style run-and-gun, especially if you’re taking your video beyond the “reality show” environment, into a more polished presentation.

Six steps will take you from inspiration to “it’s a wrap” without interrupting your creative flow. You might in fact find yourself better able to take advantage of a “serendipitous or inspired moment” with a solid outline that guides you through your production day or days. Speaking of reality shows, I hear most of those productions take a planned path to capturing the moment.

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1. Practical Inspiration vs Your Muse
In our minds we often “see the whole thing” from opening title to closing credits – creative inspiration. We play and replay the whole scenario like a Star Wars, Titanic or Avatar production and think we can keep all those wonderful shots in our minds – right there, when the camera starts rolling. In reality we need to be more practical. Taking the time to simply jot down, if nothing more, a list of inspired shots helps us as the practical part of our inspiration moves front and center.

So, you first need to establish what you want to do and separate that from what you can do. Being practical about the possibilities will avoid disappointment and carry you to a finished production of which you can be proud of.

Ask yourself key questions. Can I actually pull this off? Can I afford it? Do I have the level of inspiration and commitment necessary to carry it through? Can I find the right talent? Locations?

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Think about your goals for this video production. Is it for fun? Will it be basically a learning tool? Do I want to create something that will go viral on YouTube? Is this going to be a commercial production? A film festival entry? Will this become my demo show-piece?

Knowing your project expectations, writing them down and making decisions at the beginning will give you a sense of purpose and direction, not to mention the confidence, to take it all the way. Yes, be inspired but force yourself to be practical as well. You will need both in the face of possible upcoming adversity – those Murphy’s Law moments.


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