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If you own or manage a small business, whether it’s a restaurant, a tech startup, a service provider or a retail store then you know how important it is for people to be able to find you online.  Creative Content offers all of the necessary services to create your website and social media presence in the most professional way possible.  We build beautiful websites, and create professional photography and video content to fill it’s pages.  We also work with you to build an entire image library of content so that photos and videos can be repurposed throughout the year into your social media content stream.  It’s important to remember that your website and social media pages are likely to be the first impression that you will make with scores of potential customers.  Beautiful content is really a universal language that everyone understands and reacts positively to.

Creative Content’s founder, Christopher Paul, took his first photography class almost forty years ago.   He has since earned a BFA in photography before joining the International Cinematographer’s Guild where he worked as a camera operator on over a dozen feature films, and hundreds of music videos and national tv commercials over a twenty five year period.  It was during this extensive and intense career that Christopher was exposed to a huge variety of shooting conditions and lighting styles.

As you can see from the following examples below, having a diverse background prepares us to handle all shooting styles with confidence, speed and agility.  We specialize in a variety of different disciplines, including food and beverage photography, product photography, fashion, and portraiture.  While we are based in Westchester County, and most of our clients are in the tri-state area, our work has taken us to five continents over the years.  This experience has had a large impact as to how we can approach unique shooting conditions under pressure and in the most efficient way possible.

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Food and Beverage Photography

Please notice that almost all of our photography is lit.  We have a van full of professional lighting equipment that goes out on every job.  Knowing how and where to use the lighting gear is an art form that takes years of practice to master, and we’ve put in the time.  Shooting with “available light” never yields the same, slick professional look and where your product pops off the screen and makes a strong impression upon your clients.

Don’t forget the venue!  While photography of your food and closeups of cutting and washing the ingredients are the most popular and important, it’s critical to remember that great photography’s goal is to illuminate the entire experience for your potential clients.  Showing your venue’s other features such as bar, patio, spotless kitchen, seating arrangements, entertainment and the front of your building are very important and help to sell your restaurant over your competitor’s.  Be sure to celebrate the whole experience, and remember that your competitor is only a click away!Corona Rooftop

We have worked with many restaurants and restaurant chains, food wholesalers, upstate farms, wineries and breweries.  Great food and beverage photography not only illustrates the final product beautifully, but also can illustrate the process and care that goes into the preparation of a meal.  Our goal is to beautifully document the whole process from start to finish, and showcase the experience for your clients.

Finally, remember that if you hire Creative Content to photograph your restaurant, you are taking the first step in creating a digital library of images which can be used not only for your website, but also for email campaigns, flyers, menus, social media posts, banners, print ads and review sites like Google, Yelp and FourSquare.

Commercial Photography

The value of great commercial photography is that it convey’s your concepts and products instantly in a universally understood language.  Whether your marketing a new smart phone app, a spa, a storefront retail business or a unique service, competition is fierce, and the bar has been raised for quality online content.  In this new commercial environment, purchasing decisions are often made in seconds on a smart phone, your message must be professionally created and crystal clear.  Your potential clients are looking for businesses who “get it.”  They crave a well crafted message conveyed with a tap of the finger on their phones, or the click of a mouse.  Sometimes, they don’t even read the words, and rely solely on the images to get your message across.

Don’t disappoint this new wave of potential clients by offering them poor quality images that were taken on a camera phone in poor lighting conditions.  Show them your business in the best light possible and keep them engaged and wanting more.

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Competition in today’s marketplace means that the small business owner has to research all of his or her competitors to assess their strengths and weaknesses.  Fortunately, anyone can do this online without much effort.  Have you noticed that your competitor’s content is better than yours?  If not, then here’s the opportunity to get one up on them.  If their content is better than yours, why wouldn’t your join them as they have already realized the benefits of proper online representation?  The bar has been raised.

Getting amazing photography is no accident, and it requires good communication and collaboration.  That’s why Creative Content offers all of it’s clients a free consultation to give us the opportunity to learn about your business and specific needs.  This personalized approach allows us to create content for your business which is truly customized specifically for you, and which we’re sure you’ll be proud of.

Remember that not only do we offer outstanding commercial photography, but we also specialize in Video Production, Website Development and Social Media Management.  So we do more than just “take pictures,” we help you get those pictures seen through a network consisting of your website, your social media, and all other forms of digital distribution.

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